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Impactful within specific departments, or structured for an entire organization, Digno measures an employee's value based on categorized areas of performance.

Step by step.

Digno utilizes widely used global business tools like Asana, Klaviyo, Ring Central, Deputy, and Shopify. Digno score is categorized into 04 ranges. i.e. Poor, Average, Fair, Pro. These help employees and departments to be categorized on the basis of their Digno score.

The Score is made on the basis of a number of parameters such as Completed tasks, Incomplete/Pending tasks, Consistency in Task Completion, and How engaged the employee is with assigned tools or with teammates.

Let's tell you the simple steps to get started with Digno.

Build your company profile.

Enter all the required Company Details initially to complete the first process. A number of details would be taken such as Company website and other social media links, Country of Origin, Total Employee Count and vice versa.


Import pertinent employee data.

Our software is built from the ground up with data privacy as a top priority. We will never share, sell, or replicate a single detail you disclose.

Integrate all relevant applications and softwares.

You need to link or integrate your most usable business applications and softwares with Digno, so that it can sync the data placed on these with Digno, for giving you the desired results. You can find the  details of available applications for integrations in our FAQs section.


Department Configuration

Number of departments needs to be created with a certain number of team members against each department and their hierarchical information.

Show up and score.

We provide training and implementation guidance so the only impact felt on the business is an instant increase in efficiency and productivity.