[deezhj-nol-uh-jee ]

An innovative SaaS-based solution designed to revolutionze the employee evaluation industry across the globe. Powered by an AI technology, Digno gathers information from applications such as Asana, Shopify, Slack, Klaviyo, etc. designed to facilitate day-to-day business operations and decisions. This data is converted into a measurable score, specific to each individual within an organization, in order to celebrate strengths and identify areas of growth potential. We practice transparency to maintain accountability, promote visibility to push progress, embrace modernization to increase efficiency, and foster culture where everyone matters.

Driven by a desire to automate the day-to-day of working professionals in the corporate world, CEO and founder, Mahir Iskender, designed Digno with the hope of eliminating the concept of micromanagement in leadership. His vision inspired a technology that acts in the best interest of all members of an organization, paving a pathway to growth and success for every rung of the ladder.

The Digno Score.

[ a digital number | a symbol of worthiness + dignity ]

Digno is a SAAS-based Solution powered by AI that serves as a one-stop solution for Employee Performance Evaluations and an advanced platform that inculcates agile management of tasks, goals, and rewards within the organization.

  • Goals

  • Productivity

  • Engagement

  • Tenure

  • Ethics

  • Routine

Regardless of the industry, whether in-person, remote, or a hybrid model, Digno merges data from each application integration to calculate a unique score. In doing so, the employee maintains a strong sense of career progression and motivation, while relieving management and leadership of burdensome busy work.

Meet the team.

Collaborative team with a shared sense of purpose, eager to revolutionize the technology landscape by bringing automation and creativity in different workplace domains.

Our leaders.

We are passionate and versatile individuals committed to revolutionizing employee and business performance through software innovation.

Mahir Iskender, Chief Executive Officer

A dynamic entrepreneur with decades of experience in founding and developing various categories of businesses within the apparel, computer hardware, construction, and software industries. A native of Azerbajan, he succeeded in launching the country's first online newspaper, fueling his passion and belief in the power of technology.

Sakina Iskender, Chief Operating Officer

The 'Iron Lady' behind the efficient practices of Digno. Sakina has diverse experience in managing businesses in the US fashion and retail sector. She served as a consultant for numerous renowned entities in the U.S.

Our Team.

We are passionate and versatile individuals committed to revolutionizing employee and business performance through software innovation.

Muhammad Rehman, Software Engineer

Muhammad Rehman is a dynamic team player who coordinates to meet several technical needs during the projects and facilitates cross-functional coordination for bringing any significant change within the product.

Fahad Javed,
Software Engineer

Fahad Javed is a sheer hard worker who applies all his technical aptitude and skills to action for delivering the top-notch product features of Digno in place.

Ahmed Ullah,
Manager UI/UX

Ahmed Ullah is the creative guy who keeps the aesthetic sense of the portfolios and keeps things vibrant concerning several design needs at Digno.

Sheryar Asif,
Frontend Engineer

Sheryar is the emerging Picasso of the Front End of Development and ensures all design needs of the product and its features are met with the right level of tech dose.

Abdul Wahab Butt,
SQA Engineer

Abdul Wahab Butt is the perfectionist who holds the quality assurance end of Digno and ensures all the standards are met regarding the efficiency and quality of the product.

Sahil E Arwand,
Frontend Engineer

Sahil is young and talented, capable of developing pixel perfect user interface. He is passionate and skilled in every position.

Wasif Hafeez,
Sr. Frontend Engineer

Wasif Hafeez is frontend Lead with more than 10 years of experience. Leading and mentoring the team in both soft and technical skills. Delivery on time is his first priority with pixel perfection and responsive frontend. Keeping up with good code quality across the team and with our coding guidelines and contribute to them and optimize.