Frequently Asked Questions.

Digno offers all-in-one solution for goal management and employee evaluation within your organization.
What does Digno do?

Digno is an advanced platform that provides agile management of productivity, goals, and rewards within an organization - a one-stop solution for employee performance evaluations.

What are the main features of Digno?

Digno facilitates rewards to for employees to recognize achievement, documents individual progress, and provides feedback for continued improvement.

Does Digno provide onboarding?

Digno provides onboarding after user registration within the system in the form of checklist and guided tours. Digno also provides services of onboarding your company for Expand package by designated Digno specialists.

How many countries is Digno in?

Digno’s headquarters are located in Ashburn, Virginia United States. Digno agile team is able to serve to any customers as we do hybrid work all across the world.

How much does Digno cost?

Digno provides three distinct subscription plans:

  • Innovate - Free
  • Grow - 29$ monthly subscription, yearly subscription with 23$ monthly rate
  • Expand - 59$ monthly subscription, yearly subscription with 47$ monthly rate

Payment for the plans can be incurred monthly and yearly. 

How does Digno bill you?

Your billing date is based on the day you sign up, and payable automatically by credit card. For example, if you sign up on the 18th of October, you would be billed the 18th of every month if you chose monthly subscription or you would be billed the 18th of October of the every year if you chose yearly plan.

What payment methods can you use?

Digno allows you to make direct payments on the website with your debit/credit card or you can manage your subscription though shopify.

What is Digno’s cancellation/refund policy?

In case of monthly subscription - monthly service can be cancelled anytime. In case of yearly subscription - yearly service can be cancelled anytime and refund for remaining months will be provided.

Which apps does Digno integrate with?

Digno integrates with Asana, Jira, Klaviyo, Shopify, Deputy, Ring Central. Digno also provides additional services to integrate with software you are utilizing in your business. Digno is currently working on expanding the list of integrations. Stay tuned to see what’s coming!

Does Digno have performance reviews?

Yes, Digno provides dashboard and reporting of employee performance, department performance, and overall organization performance.

What is the setup process like?

Set up process consists of following steps:

  • Company Information - basic information about your organization
  • Import employee data - importing and/or inviting employee data into the system. You can import data to Digno with .csv files, integrated HR systems, or with the help of our team.
  • Integrate applications - enabling synchronization between Digno and integrated software
  • Department configuration - creating departments and assigning department heads
  • Creating your first Portfolio - involving several departments’ employees into a larger project
What personal information does Digno collect?

Digno collects personal information that was consensually submitted to our website and services by the visitors of the website. To learn more about our privacy policy visit our term of usages.

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You are ambitious, but overextended. You have drive, but no time. You have obligations, but little bandwidth. Your employees are ambitious, but they need direction. They crave a challenge, but need nurturing. They are independent, but thrive in community. And the reality is, your organization's bottom line depends on ambition, drive, productivity, and independence, while simultaneously requiring time, bandwidth, direction, and nurturing.

So often new technology implementation has the potential to negatively impact workplace comaraderie by automating daily operations, de-humanizing the overall culture and environment. But existing practices aren't cutting it either.

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