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View Jira tasks and issues in Digno to track your team's progress more effectively.

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About the Jira and Digno integration

Digno integrates Jira to sync employees' tasks and issues that belong to the company. Digno helps employees to manage the tasks and issues effectively. Digno motivates employees to increase their score by completing tasks and issues on time, as well as encourages employees to be more responsive and engage with company resources. Digno KPIs are created based on attributes of Jira integration. Completing your Jira projects on time will result in increasing your Digno Employee Score, reaching you Digno Goals, and enhancing your Productivity Report.

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For Integration follow these steps:

Enjoy your Integration. Now Digno will analyze your performance in Jira!

Note: Please make sure your employee email is the same in both digno and Jira to sync data and calculate the score.